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Thunderbolt 4 Dock 15-in-1 Docking Station with daisy chain

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Update time : 2024-04-29 09:57:08
  This is a most powerful Thunderbolt™ 4 dock which provides the most advanced, efficient, and versatile I/O solution available with up to 40Gb/s for data and video. Thunderbolt 4 port allow you to cascade Thunderbolt devices up to 6 levels, to one 8K or two 4K/60Hz monitors. Allowing you to connect 3 displays with max triple displays(max 4K/60Hz*2+4K/30Hz) output simultaneously with different pictures when working with TBT4/USB4 Windows PC. RJ45 supports max 2.5G bandwidth. USB ports support max 10G data transmission. Type-C PD port support max 10G data transmission or charging for the mobile phone with max 30W. Besides, supports smart power function which enables to distribute power according to the power consumption of the connected device, making full use of external power supply. It is designed for TBT4/USB4 based PCs and compatible with TBT3/DP-Alt-mode PCs.
Thunderbolt™ 4 dock
  Input/Output Connector:
  Upstream:Thunderbolt™ 4 Female x1(to host)
  Downstream:Thunderbolt™ 4 Female x2;DP x2;HDMI x2;USB-C x1(10G or PD 30W output);USB-A x2(10G);USB-A x1(5G);SD/TF 4.0 x1;RJ45 x1(2.5G);3.5mm Audio JACK x1(384KHz);Power Jack x1(150W)
  1.Adopting Goshen Ridge solution
  2.Designed for TBT4/USB4 based PCs and compatible with TBT3/DP-Alt-mode PCs
  3.Support Thunderbolt 4 max 40Gbps for high speed data and outstanding video transfer, compatible with TBT3,USB4,DP Alt mode,USB protocol
  4.Among all video ports, support max 8K/30Hz for one port,dual 4K/60Hz or 4K/60Hz+4K/60Hz+4K/30Hz on windows MST host
  5.USB-C 10G DFP supports PD3.0 max 30W output to charge for the mobile phone
  6.RJ45 supports 10M/100M/1000M/2.5G bandwidth
  7.SD/TF supports SD4.0 with max 312MBps
  8.USB ports support max 10G data transmission
  9.Self-powered from DC power adapter with max 96W for host, max 140W for host and Dock
  10.Support smart power which enables to flexibly distribute power to PC and Hub in real time according to the consumption of connected devices
  11.Compatibility Details:Support TBT4/USB4/TBT3/DP-Alt-mode Hosts;Support Windows/Mac OS/Chrome OS