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Which SATA expansion card is better?

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Update time : 2024-01-25 10:55:18
  With the continuous development of technology, users often find that the SATA port on the motherboard is not enough, or they simply expand the SATA port from the PCI-E slot of the host computer without considering a hard disk array, in order to hang several notebook hard drives to use the waste heat. Demand determines technology, so SATA expansion cards emerged. Which SATA expansion card is better?
  1. PCI-E to 4-port SATA3 expansion card
SATA expansion cards
  This product is a best-selling brand on Amazon in the United States. It is equipped with 4 standard SATA3.0 interfaces, which allows your PC host to connect 4 SSD solid-state drives at the same time, giving full play to the performance of the computer. The host has a large capacity to enrich your entertainment life, and basically you can No need to worry about insufficient storage capacity.
  It adopts Marvell 9215 chip, which has stronger compatibility. It has a heat sink on the chip and has good working performance. PCI-E x1 slot, supports all PCI-E expansion slots. (Including PCI-E x1 x2 x4 x8 x16), in order to better take advantage of SATA3.0, please use PCI-E 2.0 protocol, in order to be more perfectly compatible with 2U server small chassis, equipped with short iron pieces, large and small chassis Can be used. This 4-port SATA3.0 expansion card has been fully upgraded. It is now equipped with 2 SATA3.0 data cables, one bend and one straight, making the connection between large and small chassis trouble-free!
  2. PCI-E to 2-port SATA3.0 expansion card
SATA expansion cards
  This SATA expansion card supports SATA 3.0 interface and is backward compatible with SATA2.0 and SATA1.0. Computers with PCI-Express slots can expand 2 SATAIII (SATA6G) interfaces, which can connect 2 SSD solid-state drives. The performance of the host is greatly improved.
  This San Disk memory card uses Marvell 88SE9120 chip solution, which has more stable and reliable performance. Currently, this SATA3.0 expansion card has been fully upgraded, has stronger compatibility, and supports being used as a system boot disk.
  3. PCI-E to 2-port SATA3.0 disk array conversion
SATA expansion cards
  This PCI-E to SATA3.0 disk array card adopts embedded hardware RAID, driver-free design, simple installation and easy to use. It is a rare 2-port embedded hardware array card on the market. It supports SSD system boot disk and does not require When making an array, you can also directly connect the hard disk for expansion. 2 SATA3.0 interfaces can be used as RAID0/RAID1/SPAN, supporting communication rates of 6.0Gbps, 3.0Gbps, and 1.5Gbps.
  Using the new original ASM1061R chip, it has good compatibility and stable performance. Equipped with short iron pieces, it can be used in both large and small chassis.