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Multi-interface full HD capture card

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Update time : 2023-11-06 11:01:38
  Multi-interface full HD capture card
  This is a narrow-edge capture card that can capture SDI/ HDMI/ DVI/ VGA video sources. It supports 60-frame full HD video capture and is an ideal capture card for monitoring, archiving, and analysis, while having more flexibility and feasibility.
HD capture card
  Comprehensive industrial imaging solution capture card
  With a variety of digital and an-alog interfaces, it is ideal for industrial and commercial applications such as data acquisition, medical imaging, machine vision and other industrial imaging applications.
  Narrow design
  The compact design reduces cable routing, increases space, and improves thermal calculation flexibility.
  SDI sync preview
  You can choose the synchronous preview function provided by the sub-module, so that the captured video can be viewed simultaneously on an additional monitor without consuming PC processing power and hardware resources.
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