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12-in-1 vertical multi-function docking station meets multi-screen expansion needs

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Update time : 2023-11-15 10:27:40
  This docking station integrates 12 interfaces. The front of the docking station has a 3.5mm audio hole, two 10G interfaces (USB 3.2Gen2 (USB-A) × 1 + USB 3.2Gen2 (Type-C) × 1), and SD/TF card reader slot.
  The ports configured on the back are more abundant than those on the front, including two USB 3.2Gen1 (USB-A) interfaces, USB-C port (connected to the main device), USB-C power supply port, DP port (4K 60Hz), two HDMI ports (one 4K 60Hz, one 8K 30Hz) and Gigabit Ethernet port. There is a circular (docking station) power switch button on the top; when the docking station is closed, only the PD port can power the notebook.
multi-function docking station
  In terms of multi-screen expansion, the 12-in-1 multi-function docking station reflects its characteristics that are different from other brands. According to official claims, its docking station can support expansion/mirror mode, that is, it has four-screen differential display, four-screen simultaneous display, and mirroring + differential display.
  For details, you can see the actual use below, but it should be noted that under Win system, when using different displays, HDMI 2 port outputs 8K 30Hz, and HDMI1 and DP ports output 4K 60Hz. Both output 4K 60Hz during simultaneous display; under the Mac system, each interface for separate display/simultaneous display outputs 4K 60Hz (the above resolution is the theoretical peak).
  ① Four-screen differential display in expansion mode: suitable for financial transactions, professional graphics and design work, and multimedia production. By extending the computer screen across four monitors, users can view four different pages at the same time, operate multiple applications, files or tools, improving work efficiency and multitasking capabilities. This mode is supported by both Win/Mac dual systems;
multi-function docking station
  ② Three-screen differential display in expansion + mirroring mode: Expansion + mirroring mode is suitable for demonstrations, displays, or scenarios where multiple people watch the same content. One of the monitors can mirror the content of the other monitor, and the other monitors can display different content simultaneously. This mode is very suitable for lectures, meetings, or teaching situations. It can display demonstration content and control, take notes, or display demonstration notes at the same time. This mode is supported by both Win/Mac dual systems;
docking station
  ③ Two-screen differential display in expansion + mirroring mode: This mode is suitable for editing, programming, multi-tasking, office and other scenarios. One monitor can serve as the main workspace, and the other monitor can mirror the main workspace, showing the same content. This way, users can perform primary operations on the home screen while referencing, viewing, or sharing work on the mirror screen. This mode is supported by both Win/Mac dual systems;
docking station
  ④Four/three-screen simultaneous display in mirror mode: Mirror mode is suitable for scenarios that require multiple screens to display the same content at the same time. In this mode, all connected monitors will display the same content, which is suitable for presentations, presentations or when multiple people watch the same content. This mode only supports Mac systems.
docking station
  This 12-in-1 multifunctional docking station can be described as a cost-effective Type-C port expansion. It has more connection ports, high-speed data transmission, video output and charging functions, which can bring convenience and convenience to our work and life. promote.