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How to use mobile hdd enclosure

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Update time : 2023-10-23 11:08:17
  Hard drive box structure:
  The hdd enclosure consists of a casing, a data interface conversion chipset, a data cable, and a power supply part.
  Housing - Provides physical protection for hard disk or optical drive, such as shock absorption, dustproof, shielding against electromagnetic interference, etc.
  Chipset - Responsible for data transmission and conversion, converting the data received by the external interface interface of the hdd enclosure into an internal interface and transmitting it to the hard disk.
  Data line - the interface is determined by the chipset, such as Firewire/IEEE 1394, parallel port, or the most popular U***.
  Power supply - for 2.5-inch hard drives, more options are available to draw power from the USB port; while 3.5-inch hard drives have to add an external power adapter to provide the Molex interface power supply required by the hard drive.
  Chipset - can be regarded as the heart of the hdd enclosure, which directly determines the transmission performance of the hdd enclosure.
mobile hdd enclosure
  How to use mobile hdd enclosure
  The appearance of mobile hdd enclosures is basically the same. Some are fastened, and some are screwed. It is recommended to choose a hdd enclosure with screws, which can be fixed more firmly.
  First, disassemble the mobile hdd enclosure along the seam in the middle of the edge. The structure inside is not too complicated. What you need to use is the interface on the protruding part of the motherboard.
  Find the interfaces on your hard disk. One short and one long corresponds to the interface on the mobile hdd enclosure. The short one is the data interface and the long one is the power interface.
  Insert the mobile hard disk into the port of the mobile hdd enclosure. After inserting it tightly, it will fit nicely into the mobile hdd enclosure and close the cover.
  Plug one end of the connection cable that comes with the mobile hard drive box into the box and the other end to the sub port of the computer. Wait for the computer to automatically install the driver. Then you can start using your hard drive. It is no different from a computer hard drive. You can partition and install the system. .