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4K HDMI audio and video capture card + mixing + HDMI loop out + USB3.0

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Update time : 2023-10-16 11:55:53
  HDMI input + HDMI loop out + mixing + USB 3.0 high-definition audio and video capture card is a new USB3.0 interface external video capture plus HDMI loop out and mixing device. Its main function is to transmit HDMI input audio and video signals to PCs, smartphones, and tablets for preview or capture. At the same time, it can simultaneously and homogeneously output HDMI signals to TVs or monitors, and it can convert Line in, MIC in, and The sound from the HDMI signal source is randomly mixed and then output to the audio equipment or headphones.
hdmi video capture card
  Features of the audio and video capture card:
  1) Support USB3.0, compatible with USB2.0;
  2) USB video complies with UVC1.0 protocol;
  3) USB audio complies with UAC1.0 protocol;
  4) USB video output supports two modes: YUV422 and MJPEG;
  5) USB video output resolution: default maximum resolution 1920×1080p@60Hz;
  2.HDMI input
  1) HDMI 1.4b compatible, supports HDCP1.4;
  2) HDMI IN maximum input resolution 4K60Hz (3840×2160@60Hz);
  3.HDMI output
  1) HDMI OUT maximum output resolution 4K60Hz (3840×2160@60Hz);
  2) Support HDMI IN to HDMI OUT pass-through mode output;
  3) Support EDID/HPD processing;
  1) Supports Line in and MIC in two audio inputs, and can be mixed with HDMI IN audio for output;
  2) Supports two i2S audio outputs, which can be connected to speakers and headphones;
  3) The mixing method can also be customized according to customer needs;
  System Support
  1) Mac OS
  3) Windows XP/7/8/10/11
  Application scenarios
  1) HD video capture card;
  2) Webcast;
  3) Security monitoring;
  4) Medical imaging