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1080P HDMI Gaming HD Video Recording Box

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Update time : 2023-06-15 10:34:30
  As a high-quality resource, high-definition video has been sought after by everyone, but to record real high-definition video such as PS4 high-definition game video, high-definition set-top box program video and other content, it is often necessary to support 1080P high-definition recording box.
  Basic introduction of HDMI video recording box
  This HDMI video recording box adopts hard compression mode, which can record corresponding interface equipment and directly store it in U disk/mobile hard disk/card reader, etc. to save MP4 file format (does not support direct recording and saving to computer). Support USB2.0, USB3.0 U disk and mobile hard disk (EXFAT format is not supported). Some mobile hard drives may require a separate power supply.
HDMI recording box
  Then after the recording, a question that everyone will be more concerned about is how big is the recorded video file? We all know that the amount of original video data is very large, because if each animation effect on the video is required to be very clear, then its color fineness and movement fineness are all rendered by the machine. If it is required to highly restore the color If the value is high, the space occupied will be very large. Based on 1080P high-definition video, an hour of video recording still has about 8G of data. If it is 720P, it will take about 6G per hour; so this HDMI recording The box can save the high-definition 1080P video very well. Moreover, this 1080P HDMI high-definition recording box is equipped with genuine editing and processing software, which can edit, merge, convert formats, change resolutions, etc. Very convenient and practical!
  HDMI video recording box supports recording equipment
  This HDMI recording box basically supports related devices with HDMI output on the market, such as game consoles PS4, XBOX360, X-BOX, PS3, WIUU, etc. Set-top boxes, high-definition players, video recorders, cameras, tablet computers, notebook/desktop graphics card HDMI output, and medical equipment with corresponding interfaces. And it can record computer encrypted video (computer HDMI output recording, audio and video synchronization).
  To sum up, in the field of 1080P high-definition game video recording, this HDMI video recording box is really a very suitable product. Great value for money.
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