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8-in-1 full-featured Type-C docking station with HDMI 4k30

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Update time : 2024-05-06 14:44:22
  8-in-1 full-featured Type-C docking station, aluminum alloy shell + cable _USB3.1 type c_OD4.2_Net cable length: 15CM_ black (aluminum alloy silver gray),It can quickly export heat, so that the device can operate stably, quickly dissipate heat, refuse to be hot, and have good compatibility,Slim and compact shape, easy to carry. Support DP, HDMI 4K high-definition screen projection, can output two interfaces at the same time, can be the same screen or split screen, the field of view is wider, expand the split screen convenient office, connect to TV projector/monitor and other office meetings easy display。Support PD3.0 fast charging protocol, support RJ45 port Ethernet, all USB interfaces use U disk, mobile hard disk, wireless mouse and other related USB storage devices to transmit data with computers and mobile phones;
full-featured Type-C docking station
  1、① TPYE-C upstream port, support USB3.0 maximum transmission rate 5Gbs (backward compatible with USB2.0), support PD3.0 protocol, can charge uplink computer or mobile phone, maximum 85W, dynamic withholding, support DP Alt Mode 1.4;
  2、② TYPE-C CHARGING INPUT PORT, PD 3.0 protocol, PD power adapter: maximum PD 100W, dynamic withholding;
  3、③ DP port, maximum video resolution refresh rate 3840x2160@60Hz, HDR support, HDCP 1.4/2.3 support;
  4、④ HDMI port, maximum video resolution refresh rate 3840x2160@60Hz, HDR support, support HDCP 1.4/2.3;
  5、⑤ USB-A port*3, support transmission rate 5Gbps, (backward compatible USB2.0 maximum transfer rate: 480Mbps), power 5V/0.9A;
  6、⑥ RJ45 port, support 1000M Ethernet, backward compatible with 100M/10M;
  7、⑦ Power LED;
full-featured Type-C docking stationfull-featured Type-C docking station