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USB A to Ethernet RJ45 Adapter and Additional 3 USB Ports Hub

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Update time : 2024-01-09 10:32:20
  USB A to Ethernet Adapter: This Ethernet adapter provides stable connection between USB-C devices and wired network. Support Ethernet connectivity for efficient working or entertaining. Built in network card, no additional Software and Driver needed.
  Type A Fast Data Transfer Hub: This Ethernet adapter offers additional 3 USB ports for connecting multiple USB peripheral devices such as hard drive, keyboard, mouse, printer. Easy to expand your laptop or desktop for file transferring. Convenient use.
  Stable Performance USB A to Lan Adapter: Compared to Wi-Fi, this adapter offers a faster, more stable and reliable network. No more worry the network interruption when you are in a place where the Wi-Fi signal cannot be covered.
  LAN to USB-A Adapter Wide Compatibility: WALNEW USB-A Ethernet Adapter is compatible with all device with USB A port.
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