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The Next Generation of USB-C and Type-C connector

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Update time : 2023-06-13 11:41:09
  A new connector has arrived for computers, peripherals and mobile devices: the USB-C™ connector. Also known as USB Type-C™, it is much more than just USB! It consolidates external displays, charging and power over a single connector.
  Device manufacturers can choose to implement USB-C in a variety of ways, however this can create challenges for IT professionals and end users connecting these new devices in existing environments. We can help you understand these new standards, take full advantage, and solve any connectivity problems you might encounter.
  USB-C enables exciting new possibilities
  On new laptops, the innovative USB-C connector can replace DisplayPort connectors, proprietary power connectors, and bulkier traditional USB connectors. This allows for smaller, thinner, and lighter devices. Plus the USB-C connector is reversible, meaning that it works no matter which way you plug it in, saving you frustration and port damage!
  Higher quality Displays
  USB-C will now allow you to connect to a 4K Ultra HD display with a USB-C connection. A 4K monitor produces a vivid, clear display, perfect for video and photo editing. 4K is becoming the leading technology in video and media production. It is anticipated that 4K will become more mainstream and adopted into digital signage in stores, healthcare and homes.
  Docking with ease
  Dock your laptop easily and efficiently! With USB-C, you can dock your laptop all through a single cable to a docking station, eliminating additional cables which was the issue with previous connections to docking stations. There has never been a connection type that has supported display, data and power over a single connector. Increased productivity, clutter free workspaces are just some of the benefits.

  Universal charging & power
  An additional power cord will no longer be needed because USB-C supports up to 100 watts of power enabling USB-C laptops to be charged via the USB-C port. This eliminates the need for proprietary power cords and allows you to charge any USB-C enabled device with the same cable. Any laptop will be able to be powered as long as they have the USB-C connector, additionally eliminating brand specific power cords.
  Designed for the future
  USB-C has been designed to scale as faster data speeds evolve and new technology is introduced. Currently, speeds of up to 10Gbps are supported via USB 3.1, double the speed of USB 3.0 so you’ll spend much less time transferring and backing up data.
  More products with USB-C
  Coming in summer 2023, we will have more products with USB-C technology integrated! USB-C will be available in display adapters, cables, docking stations, cards and hubs and hard drive enclosures.