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Laptop docking station purchasing guide in 2023

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Update time : 2023-10-09 15:50:36
  A docking station, also known as a port replicator, is an external device designed specifically for laptop computers. By duplicating or even extending the ports of the notebook computer, the notebook computer can be connected to multiple accessories or external devices (such as power adapters, network cables, mice, printers, and external monitors) conveniently in one stop.
docking station
  There are currently a wide variety of USB Type-C docking stations on the market with numerous interfaces, so how do we choose?
  (1) Type-C 4-in-1 docking station
  This type of docking station is relatively simple, with a type-c interface, but the output interface provided is also a USB interface, which is suitable for friends who need to connect an external wired mouse and keyboard.
  (2) Convert to HDMI, VGA and other docking stations
  The VGA interface is a special interface for computers to output data using the VGA standard. Most graphics cards have this interface. A docking station with a VGA interface is more suitable for frequent reports, lectures or PPT presentations. In order to maximize compatibility, a docking station that supports a VGA interface is very necessary.
  (3) Docking station that supports Gigabit Ethernet port
  In any case, wired networks are better than wireless signals in terms of packet loss rate and response time. If you just transfer files, a docking station with a Gigabit network port is not necessary; but if you like to play online games, then a wired one is much more stable.
  4) Docking station with HDMI interface
  The demand for HDMI 4K@60Hz is generally not required by the vast majority of ordinary consumers, but if you have professional needs or are an enthusiast, then a docking station with an HDMI 4K interface is necessary. The USB Type-C docking station can support up to two 4K@60Hz HDMI output interfaces, but they usually appear in the form of 1 DP port + 1 HDMI2.0, and the other HDMI can output up to 4K@30Hz.