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Multi-channel video PCI-E image recognition capture card

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Update time : 2023-11-27 10:47:40
  This capture card is a PCI-E video card specially designed for system developers to develop single-channel and multi-channel video. It has the characteristics of low CPU usage and multi-channel real-time display. For system developers, a complete secondary development package is provided. Through this SDK, system developers can use VB, VC and other programming software for system design, choose to store it as AVI or use software MPEG-4, x264 compression engine for compression, providing By adjusting the contrast, color, brightness, and grayscale of the image, the dynamic image in the image channel can be captured and stored as a JPG static image.
  This product uses CONEXANT's new generation IC CX25821. CX25820 integrates 4-channel AD with excellent performance. Adopting PCI-E interface, a single card can realize 4-channel D1 video transmission, and supports multiple cards running at the same time, with good image effect and stable operation. High quality image recognition capture card.
capture card
  Product performance:
  ◆PCI-E interface, supports Windows 2000XPWIN7VISITA and supports Directshow architecture driver
  ◆Supports multiple cards in one machine, four channels in one card, supports PAL/NTSC, and each channel works at the same time without interfering with each other.
  ◆Support 4-way audio
  ◆The display screen is smooth and uninterrupted, up to 30 frames per second
  ◆Support PAL, NTSC format
  ◆Resolution up to 720x576
  ◆The size of the image window can be adjusted at will, and it can be displayed in full screen. It supports the function of cropping the left and right black borders and has the function of de-interlacing.
  ◆Provides dynamic AVI image capture, and you can choose the size of the captured image to save at will
  ◆Can continuously dynamically capture images and automatically save them as still images, providing functions such as photo browsing and electronic photo albums
  ◆Comply with ITU H.324 video conferencing standard, fully compatible with popular video conferencing software (such as: NetMeeting, VDOPhone, I-Phone, CU-Seeme, etc.), with clear picture quality and stable performance. Supports Directshow architecture driver
  ◆Compatible with Windows VFW software architecture and WDM mode, it provides a comprehensive secondary development package, which can be widely used in system development in banking, medical care, community, transportation, agricultural monitoring and remote communication, etc.
  ◆You can capture dynamic images as JPG static images and save them.
  ◆ Provide a comprehensive secondary development package that can be applied to the development of systems in fire protection, education, recording and broadcasting, multimedia, IPTV, security monitoring, medical care, transportation, banking, etc.
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