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Features of USB4/Thunderbolt to PCIE GEN4*4 chip ASM2464PD

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Update time : 2024-01-23 10:15:07
  ASM2464PD is a chip from ASMEDIA (USB4/Thunderbolt to PCIe Gen4 x4 NVMe Bridge Controller), a new generation of USB4/Thunderbolt to PCIe/NVMe accessory controller, which is built on PHYs designed in-house by ASMedia. USB4/Thunderbolt technology enables PCIe and USB protocols to be encapsulated into the USB4/Thunderbolt structure and span the USB4/Thunderbolt 3.0 realm.
  ASM2464PD can be implemented in various types of storage devices such as portable SSDs, SSD enclosures, and any other PCIe-based storage products that can be used to expand storage capacity through high-speed data transfer. The ASM2464PD USB connector is capable of providing USB4/Thunderbolt 20Gbps x2 speed data rates and is also compatible with existing leg-acy USB 3.2 interfaces, as well as Thunderbolt 3.
  In addition, the downstream port link of ASM2464PD has also been upgraded to PCIe Gen4 x4 to support various NVM Express-based M.2, CFexpress and U.2. ASM2464PD integrates USB4/Thunderbolt Gen3 x2, and PCI Express Gen4 with 1.8V and 1.05V voltage supplies. The USB Type-C CC logic circuit and BMC PHY are integrated to support cable positioning, flipping and PD reception modes, and can communicate through the PD protocol, including USB4/TBT3 transmission and reception.
  A: General features 1. USB4/Thunderbolt to PCIE and NVMe SSD chips.
  2. Integrated two USB 20Gbps PHYs.
  3. Integrated UFP CC logic protocol for USB-C cable positioning and detection.
  4. The integrated BMC PHY fixes 5V UFP/transmit mode for PD.
  5. 3.3V/1.8V/1.05V DC power supply.
  6. Support SPI and external ROM interface to customize RAM code.
  7. Supports I2C, GPIOs and UART interfaces.
  8. Passive crystal oscillator 25HZ.
  B: USB universal serial bus function
  1. Supports up to USB4/Thunderbolt Gen3 x2 with USB 3.2 and USB2.0 (backwards compatible).
  2. Support BOT and UAS protocols.
  3. Support USB link power management.
  4. Support USB hot plug.
  5. Support spread spectrum clock control.
  6. Support UNMAP command set.
  7. Supports SCSI vendor-specific command sets.
  8. Complies with the Universal Serial Bus 4 (USB4™) specification version. 1.0 (includes interoperability with Thunderbolt™ 3 (TBT3) systems) and is compliant with the Universal Serial Bus Type-C Cable and Connector Specification version 2.1 and compliant with the Universal Serial Bus Power Delivery Specification 3.1 version 1.3.
  C: PCIE function description
  1. Support PCIE GEN4x4.
  2. Support PCIE NVMe SSD.
  3. Support spread spectrum clock control.
  4. 100 MHz differential reference clock output.
  5. Supports various types of PCIE sockets, including M.2, U.2 and CF Express.
  6. Support power management of PCIE link.
  7. Comply with PCIE basic specification version 4.0 and PCIe M.2 specification version 1.1.
  D:NVM fast function
  1. Support NVMe power management.
  2. Support NVMe: SCSI translation reference version.
  3.1.5Supports NVMe error reporting and recovery.
  4. S.M.A.R.T drive monitoring.
  5. Comply with NVM protocol basic specification revision 1.4c