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4K-HDMI splitters

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Update time : 2023-11-16 09:46:07
  product description:
  Support 2/4/8/16/32/64 channels of 4K HDMI signal output;
  Using driver chip, supports long-term transmission; supports 4096*2160 resolution display;
  Image processing and signal long-distance transmission distortion gain compensation technology, using digital synchronous recognition processing technology, the image output is stable;
  The bandwidth (rate) can reach 12Gbps, and the return loss can reach -30db@5MHz;
  Using patch technology, the noise reduction processing of the video circuit is adjusted to ensure that the distributed signal is not attenuated;
  Using long-line gain technology, it supports 15-meter HDMI extension at the front end and 15-meter long-distance transmission at the back end, easily achieving 4K HDMI distribution + long-distance transmission to ensure transmission effects;
4K-HDMI splitters
  Scope of application:
  4K-HDMI splitters have been widely used in many fields such as radio and television, outdoor large-screen display systems, multimedia conference systems, command and monitoring centers, transportation intelligence, customs, airports, museums and exhibition halls.