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What is a 3DS capture card?

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Update time : 2023-10-17 11:22:46
  The 3DS capture card is a device used to record, stream and share gameplay footage from the Nintendo 3DS game console.
  The recorded video is then saved to your computer or streaming service, allowing you to share your gameplay with others. Using a 3DS capture card, you can capture any moment of your game, no matter how brief.
3DS capture card
  Unlike other capture cards designed for game consoles such as Xbox or PlayStation, 3DS capture cards work differently due to the unique design of the 3DS game console. While most capture cards use an HDMI connection, the 3DS capture card is designed to plug directly into the headphone port. This makes it much more convenient to set up since you don't need to buy additional cables or adapters.
  The 3DS capture card enables you to easily stream your games with its built-in streaming support. You can connect the capture card to your computer and stream your game online in minutes.