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By PURPLELEC | 01 November 2023 | 0 Comments

What are the advantages of BGA SSD

  BGA SSD is a memory that does not require a read-write head or a storage medium to move (rotate) to read and write data compared to magnetic disks and optical disks. It stores data through the switching state of the transistors inside the memory chip. Since BGA SSD does not have a read-write head and does not need to rotate, it has the advantages of low power consumption and strong shock resistance.
  Flash memory-based SSD: uses FLASH chips as storage media. Its appearance can be made into various shapes, such as laptop hard drive, micro hard drive, memory card, USB flash drive, etc. The biggest advantage of this kind of SSD is that it can be moved, and the data protection is not controlled by the power supply. It can be adapted to various environments, but its service life is not long, so it is suitable for individual users.
  DRAM-based SSD: DRAM is used as the storage medium, and its current application range is narrow. It imitates the design of a traditional hard disk, can be volume set up and managed by file system tools of most operating systems, and provides industry-standard PCI and FC interfaces for connecting to hosts or servers. Application methods can be divided into two types: SSD memory and SSD memory array. It is a high-performance memory and has a long service life. The only drawback is that it requires an independent power supply to protect data security.
  BGA SSD advantages:
  First, data access speed is fast. According to relevant media tests: When running large-scale image processing software on a laptop with the same configuration, it can be clearly felt that the BGA SSD is faster in both saving and opening files. When the power switch of the laptop is pressed, the laptop equipped with a BGA SSD takes only 18 seconds from booting to the desktop, while the laptop equipped with a traditional hard drive takes a total of 31 seconds. The gap is still quite large.
  Second, it is durable, shockproof and drop-proof. Because all flash memory chips are used, there are no mechanical parts inside the BGA SSD. This will not affect normal use even when moving at high speed or even with flipping and tilting, and it will not affect the notebook computer if it is accidentally dropped or collides with a hard object. can minimize the possibility of data loss.
  Third, BGA SSD works very quietly without any noise. Thanks to the absence of mechanical parts and the characteristics of flash memory chips such as low heat generation and fast heat dissipation, BGA SSD has a noise level of 0 decibels during operation because it has no mechanical motors and fans.
  Fourth, BGA SSD is 20-30 grams lighter than conventional 1.8-inch hard drives. Don’t underestimate these weights. In portable mobile products such as laptops and satellite locators, smaller weight is conducive to portability. In addition, the weight reduction also makes it possible for notebooks to be equipped with multiple BGA SSDs.

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