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By PURPLELEC | 29 March 2024 | 0 Comments

PCI-E to 1394 high-definition video capture card

  This PCI-E to 1394 high-definition video capture card is a professional digital image capture and transmission card in the field of high-definition video. It has better image quality and high-speed transmission speed. The sophisticated design of the board provides maximum protection for industrial digital cameras. Supports hot swapping. Through PCI-E bus technology, using professional 1394B control chip, simple and convenient operation, it is an essential product for 1394B series industrial digital cameras. Through PCI Expressx1 bus technology, as well as one IEEE 1394a and one 1394b port, the image transmission rate of each channel can reach 800Mbps/400 Mbps/200Mbps/100Mbps.
  Supports DV camcorders, FireWire hard disks, digital cameras, scanners, CD-RW/DVD drives, video game systems, and other audio/video devices. Model: MM-PCE2213-2B1A
  Comply with PCI-Express v2.0 specification and backward compatible with PCI-Express 1.x. specification. One external FireWire 400 (1394a) 6-pin interface and 2 FireWire 800 (1394b) 9-pin interfaces. Complies with IEEE 1394-1995, 1394a-2000 and OHCI 1.1 standards. Supports asynchronous and isochronous data transmission modes. System requirements: Supported operating system Windows? 2000/Server 2003 SP1 or above/Vista/7/8/Linux/MAC.
video capture card
  1. TI Texas Instruments 2213 host control chip, can be connected to 1394 FireWire sound card, stable, good compatibility, driver-free, 2 1394b + 1 1394a interface.
  2. TI Texas Instruments 2213, original and genuine new chip, with stable performance and good compatibility.
  3. Interface: 2 1394B+1 1394A interface. 2 FireWire 800 1394b 9pin interfaces, 1 FireWire 400 1394a 6pin interface, support hot swap, plug and play.
  4. PCI-E expansion slot expansion. It adopts the PCI-E bus protocol with a transmission speed of 2.5Gbps, which is much faster than the transmission speed of the PCI bus, and can give full play to the high transmission performance of IEEE 1394B.
  5. The capacitors and resistors on the back are neatly arranged to better ensure the operation of the expansion card.

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