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By PURPLELEC | 13 June 2024 | 0 Comments

VGA to HDMI converter solves the problem of display interface mismatch

  At present, VGA, DVI and HDMI are the mainstream audio and video output and input interfaces in the PC market, and more and more LCD monitors and flat-panel TVs use HDMI interfaces to ensure high-fidelity transmission of audio and video. However, such a design makes it difficult to expand old products. After all, most old devices still use VGA as video output. Although it is easy to convert VGA directly to HDMI through a variety of adapters, such an adapter only solves the compatibility problem from the interface, and the quality of audio and video is not improved.
VGA to HDMI converter
  For this reason, a special VGA to HDMI converter came into being. Purplelec TB270 converter is such a VGA to HDMI converter. It can convert the input VGA analog video signal into a complete HDMI signal output.
  Since the HDMI output signal contains digital and audio signals, VGA to HDMI requires a special VGA to HDMI converter to achieve it.
  The VGA to HDMI high-definition video converter can convert the input VGA analog video signal into a complete HDMI signal output. For example, the VGA output of the graphics card can be converted through this converter and connected to a full HD (1080P) large-screen TV. When processing VGA signals, the VGA to HDMI converter does not go through the Scaler process, and the resolution can support up to 1920*1080/60Hz. The converter only converts the signal format, and does not perform technical processing such as shrinking or amplifying the input signal. It supports up to 1920X1080, and the input and output are consistent. It supports all VGA standard output resolutions.
  The VGA to HDMI high-definition video converter uses the world's top ana-log company's analog-to-digital conversion chip, which can convert high-definition and high-resolution VGA video signals into high-speed digital signals without any loss; the back-end HDMI encoder uses the encoder of siliconimage, the world's top HDMI chip design company, which can encode the high-speed digital signal sent from the front end into a high-definition HDMI signal output, and supports up to 1080P/1.3 version.

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