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By PURPLELEC | 17 May 2024 | 0 Comments

VGA port knowledge guide

  VGA is short for Video Graphics Array. It is a standard for video output that uses analog signals rather than digital signals. VGA connectors have 15 pins that each contribute to how the colors blend on the screen.
  What Does a VGA Connector Look Like?
  A male VGA cable connector and a female VGA port are shaped like trapezoids. The male connector has two screws on either side, which correspond to two screw holes on the female port. Within the trapezoid, there are 15 pins that correspond to 15 holes in the female connector.
VGA Connector
  What Kind of Variations of the VGA Ports Are There?
  It’s possible that you have come across a lot of similarly named ports: VGA, SVGA, WXGA, etc. Why are there so many similar names? These names represent the different resolutions of a display. Despite IBM’s many different names for the ports, most people refer to the connections collectively as VGA.
  The same cable can be used for any port. The quality of the cable, the cables, length, and the age of the cable can all affect the quality of a monitor’s display. For instance, a cable with coaxial shielding will provide a more consistent picture.
  If your computer’s video card has a VGA port, the video card will determine the maximum resolution. This means that you don’t need to worry about your VGA port’s resolution when buying a cable. Still, the port’s maximum resolution can affect what kind of display will work best for a computer.
  Can VGA Connections Support High Resolutions?
  The resolution of your VGA connection is determined by your computer’s video card. Currently, the highest resolution offered through VGA ports is 2K. In theory, a VGA port could support higher resolutions. But, remember that the computer needs to convert the digital signal to analog in order to be transmitted through a VGA cable. This would use up a lot of the computer’s processing ability.
  This is why VGA connections aren’t good for high resolutions. Most video cards that support VGA only offer 1080p resolution. The cable itself doesn’t affect the resolution, but older devices won’t support higher resolutions. The exact resolution of VGA ports varies depending on the computer.
  VGA vs Mini-VGA
  The VGA port is very large due to the 15 pins and two large screws. Laptops need to conserve as much space as possible. That is why some companies produced a mini-VGA. This VGA is much smaller than the original.
  Laptops like the iBook and the HP Mini featured mini-VGA ports. It is possible to connect a `mini-VGA to a VGA display through an adapter. This would be particularly useful for a retro computer hobbyist.
  The Future of VGA
  As discussed earlier, companies don’t feature VGA connections on modern devices. It is unlikely that VGA will see a resurgence in popularity. However, there are still a lot of older computers and monitors that have VGA ports. So, the VGA system isn’t completely obsolete.

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