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By PURPLELEC | 24 April 2023 | 0 Comments

How to choose a VGA capture card

  At present, there are many types of VGA capture cards, each with its own characteristics, so what problems should we pay attention to when we choose a capture card?

  First of all, we need to be clear about the difficulty of research and development of the VGA capture card, and the technological content is relatively high. Moreover, customers will also have some professional application problems in the process of use, which need the manufacturer's assistance to solve. Therefore, before choosing a VGA capture card product, we need to know whether the manufacturer has guarantees in terms of technical services and whether the problem can be solved quickly.

  Secondly, we need to understand the types of VGA capture cards manufactured by manufacturers. Although there are many types of VGA capture cards, VGA, DVI, and HDMI are commonly used. In addition to the traditional single channel, there are also VGA dual channels. One-way capture card, DVI two-way capture card, HDMI two-way capture card, general enterprises will have a series of products for customers to choose from, which can meet various requirements of customers.
VGA capture cards

  Furthermore, it is necessary to consider from the aspect of product performance:

  1. Image quality, this is relatively simple, the manufacturer can provide an evaluation description for the product or grab a picture and it can be solved.

  2. The frequency of the video card, the simple understanding is that the higher the value, the higher the resolution and frame rate of the capture, and the better the performance of the capture card.

  3. The difficulty of software operation. At present, there are many capture cards on the market that are very troublesome to debug. Because many customers are using it for the first time, and often debug on the project site, it has caused a lot of unnecessary troubles, delayed the project and caused losses.

  4. The development kit and compatibility are better. Interface support, just provide the demo program and source code of the secondary development kit.
VGA capture cards

  Finally, there is the issue of the price of the product, which is also very important. It is normal for a customer to want to buy a product with low price and high quality, but VGA capture card is not the same thing. Let us analyze it from the following aspects.

  1. The manufacturing process and materials of the board.

  If poor PCB boards and components are used, it is easy to reduce the cost, but it will cause the instability of the board, and there will be many problems during use, which will bring hidden dangers to customers.

  2. Hardware reduction.

  As long as the devices that do not affect the basic performance can be used, the performance of the VGA capture card will be further reduced if there is no onboard cache. If the design is carried out according to the stable hardware, the cost of the VGA capture card will not be too low.

  3. Software production.

  It is very time-consuming and labor-intensive in software production, otherwise the produced software is very difficult to use, single-function and difficult to debug. Therefore, the higher price of the VGA capture card is also understandable.

  4. Technical indicators.

  DVI is not a real digital architecture, but a simple interface conversion is done on the card. The dual-channel card is not a real dual-channel, but a simple single-channel copy, and the resolution cannot be adjusted independently. If you want to solve these technical indicators, you will have to pay a lot of cost.

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