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By PURPLELEC | 25 December 2023 | 0 Comments

How to choose a good usb hub?

  Only a hub that performs well in terms of quality, ease of use, brand, etc. can be called a good hub.
  1. Number of interfaces
  The current mainstream USB HUBs are 4-port and 7-port, and some HUBs have more than ten ports. Generally speaking, multi-interface HUBs will have their own power supply, which will have obvious advantages in terms of power.
  2. External power supply
  A USB interface can provide 500mA of current. A HUB without an external power supply can only shunt this limited 500mA and distribute it to each expansion interface.
  A HUB with an external power supply does not have this limitation and can provide sufficient power according to the usage of the interface. This is especially obvious when connecting an external hard drive.
  3. Transmission rate
  The theoretical maximum transmission speed of USB2.0 is 480Mbps, while the maximum theoretical transmission speed of USB3.0 is 5Gpbs. In other words, the transmission speed of USB3.0 is approximately ten times faster than that of USB2.0.
  But if your USB flash drive only supports 2.0, then the USB3.0 interface can only reach the transfer speed of 2.0, and the transfer speed is limited by the USB flash drive itself.
  4. U disk layout
  A reasonable layout will make it easier to use. Once the power cord is plugged into a poorly positioned USB device, it will block other USB devices and make it difficult to use.
  Generally speaking, the star-shaped open design USB HUB position interface settings are more reasonable and there will be no conflicts.
  5. Lighting prompts
  In order to reflect the current working status of each device on the USB, many HUBs now provide LED light status display. Generally speaking, if the light is always on, it means that the USB connection is stable, and if it flashes, it means that data is currently being transferred.

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