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By PURPLELEC | 01 September 2023 | 0 Comments

What does a hub do?

  The hub is mainly used for the establishment of a shared network, and it is the most economical solution from the server directly to the desktop. In a switched network, the hub is directly connected to the switch and sends data from the switch port to the desktop. The use of hubs is flexible in networking. It is located in a star node of the network, and centrally manages the workstations connected to the nodes, so that the workstations with problems will not affect the normal operation of the entire network, and users can join and exit freely.
  A hub is just a multi-port signal amplifying device. When a port receives a data signal during work, since the signal has been attenuated during the transmission process from the source port to the hub, the hub will reshape and amplify the signal to make it The attenuated signal is regenerated (restored) to the state it was in when it was sent, and then forwarded to all other ports that are in working state.
  From the working method of the hub, it can be seen that it only plays the role of signal amplification and retransmission in the network. Its purpose is to expand the transmission range of the network, but it does not have the ability of directional transmission of signals. It is a standard shared device.
usb hub
  A hub is a special kind of repeater that can be used as a switching device for multiple network segments because several hubs can be cascaded. Smart hubs can also integrate network functions such as network management and path selection. The hub is the smallest unit that manages the network and is the star connection point of the local area network. It centrally manages workstations to prevent problematic sections from affecting the normal operation of the entire network.
  The hub is the most widely used connection device in the local area network. According to the configuration form, it can be divided into three types: independent hub, modular hub and stacked hub. Its function can be simply understood as connecting some machines to form a local area network.

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