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By PURPLELEC | 19 December 2023 | 0 Comments

What problems will occur if the USB exceeds the power limit?

  USB exceeds the power limit, which means that the power consumption of the USB device exceeds the maximum output current of the USB interface or USB hub (HUB), which may cause the following problems:
  1. The USB device cannot work properly or is damaged: The output current of the USB interface or HUB is not enough to drive the USB device to work, resulting in the device being unable to start or working unstable. In severe cases, the USB device may be damaged.
  2. USB interface or HUB overheating: Exceeding the maximum output current will cause the USB interface or HUB to overheat, become hot or even burn out.
  3. The host automatically closes the USB interface: Some motherboards will detect the output current of the USB interface. Once the threshold is exceeded, the USB interface will be automatically closed to prevent damage, rendering the USB device unusable.
  4. Frequent restarts of USB devices: Insufficient output current will cause the USB device to be powered off and restarted during operation, making it impossible to start or use normally.
  5. The system keeps popping up "unknown USB device" prompts: The system detects that the current of the USB device exceeds the standard, and it will think that there is a problem with the device and keep popping up prompts.
USB hub
  Usually, the reasons why USB exceeds the power limit are as follows:
  1. USB devices consume too much power: USB devices that consume large amounts of power, such as mobile hard drives, wireless network cards, etc.
  2. Using multiple USB devices at the same time: Multiple USB devices are started at the same time, causing the total power consumption to exceed the USB interface limit.
  3. Use an extension USB cable or a low-quality USB cable: An extension cable or a poor-quality USB cable may cause the voltage to drop and exceed the limit.
  4. The output power of the USB interface or HUB is low: the maximum output current of some low-power USB interfaces or HUB is small and is not enough to drive high-power devices.

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