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By PURPLELEC | 03 January 2024 | 0 Comments

EU announces that all electronic devices must use Type-C interface

  The EU has always been committed to green and environmental protection, such as the pursuit of unified interfaces for electronic products, and the popular USB-C is obviously the best choice at present. Therefore, the EU decided to pass a decree to require all electronic products to use USB-C. C interface, the deadline is 2023, and by 2024, the EU finally announced that the decree will take effect, and all electronic products sold in the EU must use the USB-C interface.
  The European Commission stated on social media that through unremitting efforts, the USB-C interface will become standard for electronic products in 2024. We believe this means better charging standards and the waste of cables will also be greatly reduced. At the same time, It is also more convenient for everyone to find chargers. The EU says that in the future all chargers that support USB-C should be able to charge electronic devices with USB-C interfaces without compatibility issues.
USB-C interfaces
  In the EU's list, devices including mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras, headsets, game consoles, e-books, keyboards and mice, mobile GPS and other devices must use USB-C interfaces. By 2026, all notebooks will The computer must also use the USB-C interface. It can be said that the EU's move to unify all interfaces can be regarded as a huge progress. After all, due to immature technology in the past, there were dozens of interfaces on the market. Later, with the rise of USB, Micro-USB, Apple’s Thunderbolt and Type-C have basically become the three universal interfaces, and Micro-USB is currently It has almost been eliminated, and the biggest remaining obstacle is Apple’s Thunderbolt port. Apple expressed strong opposition to the EU's move, saying that a unified interface would only kill individuality.

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