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By PURPLELEC | 15 June 2024 | 0 Comments

What is a splicing and fusion capture card?

  Video capture cards are currently widely used in fields such as video conferencing, large-screen splicing, webcasting, teaching recording, and medical imaging. Among them, large-screen splicing and edge fusion are widely used.
  To understand what a splicing and fusion capture card is, you must first understand edge fusion technology. Edge fusion technology is to overlap the edges of the images projected by a group of projectors, and use fusion technology to display a brighter, larger, and higher-resolution whole picture without gaps. The effect of the picture is like a picture projected by a projector.
  When two or more projectors are combined to project a picture, there will be a part of the image bulbs overlapping. The main function of edge fusion is to gradually lower the brightness of the overlapping part of the two projectors to make the brightness of the whole picture consistent.
splicing wall
  There are also many LCD splicing methods on the market, such as LED LCD splicing wall, TV LCD splicing wall, and projection box LCD splicing wall. However, compared with different application places, LED LCD splicing wall and projection box LCD splicing wall are always composed of one picture puzzle at a time, which affects the integrity of the picture to a certain extent. Edge fusion technology is a new seamless LCD splicing technology that has emerged in recent years. It better improves the visual effect of LCD splicing images.
  At present, Bodeyue has launched a variety of high-definition audio and video capture cards for fusion splicing applications, such as VGA capture card, DVI capture card, HDMI capture card, SDI capture card, multi-channel high-definition capture card, etc., which are perfectly compatible with fusion splicing software.

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