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SD card common problems and solutions

  SD card common problems and solutions
  (1) The SD card chip is not clean
  Because some users do not protect the chip very thoroughly, there is often dust or oil on it, causing card reading to be abnormal.
  Judgment method: Observe whether the metal area on the card is dim or has spots.
  Treatment method: Use a cotton cloth with some alcohol or water and apply it gently, then reinsert it after the water dries.
  (2) Battery voltage is unstable
  Since high-quality card reading has very strict power requirements, sometimes using commercially available batteries instead of original batteries can easily lead to poor card reading.
  Judgment method: If the standby condition is not ideal when using non-original power, you should suspect the cause of the battery.
  Solution: Replace the original battery and try again.
  (3) The card slot is squeezed
  For some ultra-thin machines, the card slot is very cleverly designed. If you use some informal batteries on the market, if the thickness exceeds a certain requirement, the card slot will be squeezed, resulting in difficulty in card reading.
  Judgment method: Replace the original battery and have a look.
  Treatment method: Use original electricity. And use something to hold the card slot up and down.
SD card
  (4) The metal wire inside the slot is rusty or excessively bent.
  Since some card-reading mobile phones support hot-swappable cards, frequent insertion and insertion of cards will cause the metal wires in the card slot to read card data to bend excessively or become rusty.
  Judgment method: Face the card slot to the sun and observe whether the metal wire contacts are at the same height. If they are not aligned, this may be the problem.
  Treatment method: You can try to use a needle to pull the metal wire down a little.
  (5) SD is infected with the virus
  For some smart phones, if the SD is infected with a virus on the computer, it will also cause the card to be unable to be read normally.
  Judgment method: Read the SD with a computer and scan it.
  Processing method: Format the card on a computer or other low-end storage (such as a camera, etc.). If formatted on a computer, it should be in FAT format, not FAT32 format.
  (6) SD card abnormal formatting
  Since the formatting formats of mobile phones and computers are different, just follow the instruction manual to redefine the file format on your computer and then format it. If you have a card reader, try it on your computer and format the SD card. Please be sure to check whether the format of the card is FAT, because FAT32 E680 will not recognize it.
  (7) SD card is broken
  This is easy to judge. Plug the card into the computer with a card reader. If it can be read, it means the card is good.
  (8) There is a problem with the card reading on the mobile phone.
  The mobile phone is faulty and can only be sent for repair.

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