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By PURPLELEC | 22 March 2024 | 0 Comments

pcie serial port card effectively expands PC external devices

  What is a pcie serial card?
  The pcie serial port card is a device that can allocate multiple serial/parallel ports for terminal connection. Each terminal can communicate with the host through it. Using a multi-user card is the most convenient and simple solution to expand the number of computer peripheral devices. It allows the computer to easily expand the serial port or parallel port, so it is also called a serial and parallel port expansion card.
  There are two types of pcie serial port cards. One is inserted into the PCI slot and can expand 1 to 4 serial ports. After installing the driver, you can see com3, com4, etc. in the device manager. The other is connected to the network , multiple computers can share the above serial port resources, but the configuration is more troublesome.
  Especially suitable for multi-user operating systems such as UNIX and LINUX. It is also suitable for WINDOWS95/98/2000, WINDOWS NT, DOS and other operating environments. Currently, there are also products supporting WINDOWS XP/2003/Vista/Win7. PCIe serial port cards are widely used in banking, finance, securities, telecommunications, industrial control and other fields. They are an important hardware component of computer multi-user communication control systems.
pcie serial card
  pcie serial port card networking solution
  For a compact computer, the PCIe serial port card can expand its ports and is an ideal solution for expanding the network. For example, Moxa's CP-168EL-A has a 128-bit FIFO, onboard H/W and S/W flow control, and supports drivers for multiple operating systems.
  Advantages of pcie serial port card:
  ·High performance data transmission performance
  ·The most cost-effective PCIE serial card solution
  ·Low-end PCI Express PCIe serial card is an ideal choice for small/large hosts
  ·Only 3.3 VDC power input
  ·Provide the fastest all-round service

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