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By PURPLELEC | 21 May 2024 | 0 Comments

HDMI 1080P network video encoder

  The network video HD encoder is a professional high-definition audio and video encoding and multiplexing product. The product has 1 HDMI audio and video input, 1 audio input, supports H.264 encoding format, and can encode video and audio at the same time. Output TS dual stream design, the output stream resolution of each channel can be set according to different needs. This device has the advantages of high integration and low cost, and can be widely used in various digital TV broadcast systems. Supports 3U structure, one chassis can insert 16 capture cards, dual power supply redundant structure, the system is more stable. Full support for VLC decoding operations. Supports 1080P, supports HDCP protocol, and supports Blu-ray high definition. Supports HTTP, UTP, RTSP, RTMP, ONVIF, etc.
network video HD encoder
  H.264 Baseline Profile encoding
  H.264 Main Profile encoding
  H.264 High Profile encoding
  MJPEG/JPEG Baseline encoding
  Audio encoding supports MPEG1 Audio Layer 2
  CBR/VBR/ABR code rate control, 16kbit/s~16Mbit/s
  The network interface adopts 100/1000M adaptive/full-duplex mode
  Channel HDMI input, supports VGA to HDMI input
  Support high-definition video input up to 720P, 1080P
  Support image parameter settings
  Support HDCP protocol, support Blu-ray high definition
  Support HTTP, UTP, RTSP, RTMP, ONVIF protocols
  WEB operation interface, Chinese and English configuration interface optional
  WEB operation interface permission management
  Support WAN remote management (WEB)
  Support dual stream output
  The main code stream and the secondary code stream can be transmitted using different network protocols.
  Support stream resolution setting
  Support audio MP3 and AAC format selection
  Support audio output stream mono and stereo switching
  Support GOP frame rate setting
  Support code stream to add watermark function, XY axis, font can be set
  Supports one-click restoration of default configuration
  Support set-top box decoding
  Low power consumption power supply design
  3U high-end chassis, automatic switching function of main and backup power supplies to ensure the stability of the system
  Application scope:
  Internet TV HD encoder
  Can be connected to NVR hard disk video recorder
  Digital signage HD streaming server
  Video conferencing system video server
  Network conference system video collection
  Replace high-definition video capture card
  Hotel cable TV system

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