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By PURPLELEC | 18 December 2023 | 0 Comments

What types of multi-function card readers are there?

  Multi-function card readers are divided into contact card readers, contactless card readers, single-interface card readers and dual-interface card readers, as well as multi-card holder contact readers.
  From the interface point of view, card readers mainly include: parallel card reader, serial card reader equipment, USB card reader, PCMICA card reader and IEEE 1394 card reader.
Multi-function card readers
  USB type
  The card reader supports USB1.0 and USB2.0 ports, plug and play, and currently has the largest market share and strong practicality. It is the most popular product on the market. The main advantage is that compared with the previous products, it adds commonly used memory cards such as TF and SD to achieve the effect of sharing multiple cards. It is mainly economical and practical.
  sim type
  It is also a relatively common card reader. It can back up SIM card information, SIM card contacts and business cards on the PC. It is a good tool for backing up personal data. Card readers that integrate SIM cards and various memory cards are also more common.
Multi-function card readers
  The CRW-X contactless card reader supports ISO14443 TypeA/TypeB contactless CPU cards and Mifare one cards. It has two built-in SAM small IC cards that comply with ISO7816-3. It supports a variety of communication interfaces and protocols and is suitable for various applications. A contactless IC card application system. It has novel appearance, stable performance, powerful functions, rich interfaces and strong scalability.
  The CRW-VI external universal IC card reader is a miniature IC card reading and writing device, mainly aimed at portable applications. According to the different interface methods with the computer, it is divided into two types: USB interface (CRW-VIu type) and serial interface (CRW-VIs type), which are suitable for the needs of various application systems and application environments. We can also develop special IC card readers and writers for specific needs according to user needs.
  The CRW-V series IC card reader is connected to a computer or laptop through a USB port or serial port, supports the operation of CPU cards and MEMORY cards, and provides a dual-card reader with two card holder options. CRW-V series IC card readers and writers are compatible with the interface function library of CRW-II/III/IV type readers and writers, making it easy for users to upgrade their application systems. It can be widely used in systems such as banking, insurance, corporate and medical charging systems.
  WatchCore is a smart IC card dedicated interface chip launched to facilitate users to develop embedded IC card applications. It has all built-in programs for IC card reader and writer operations. It is suitable for the development of various dedicated embedded IC devices. It can mainly be used in smart ICs. Card electricity meters, water meters, gas meters, tax control cash registers, IC card fuel dispensers and other equipment.

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