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By PURPLELEC | 22 September 2023 | 0 Comments

What types of memory cards are there and how to choose them?

  Nowadays, a variety of multimedia devices are developing rapidly, such as sports cameras, driving recorders, smart phones, micro-monitors, etc. These all require memory cards during use. Different devices require different types of memory cards. So what types of memory cards are there? How to choose memory cards for different devices?
memory cards
  Mobile phone tablet memory card
  The memory card suitable for mobile phones and tablets is TF (micro SD) card. When purchasing a memory card for mobile phones and tablets, consider the memory capacity, speed, performance, brand, etc. Choose a memory card with a capacity of 32G or above. If you like to play games and watch TV series, choose a 64G one. For a memory card speed, choose a mobile phone memory card above Class 10. For three-proof performance: choose waterproof, extreme temperature protection, dustproof, shockproof, and x-proof. Ray and other memory cards. The memory cards of speakers, reading machines and reading pens are the same as those of mobile phones.
  Driving recorder memory card
  The driving recorder uses a TF (micro SD) card. Since the driving recorder records not only high-definition images but also audio recording, the card runs at a very high speed. For the memory card of the driving recorder, choose a high-speed Class10 or above memory card to avoid lag and blurred screen; in terms of capacity, if there is no special purpose, 16G will be enough, which can record for about 4 hours, which is enough to deal with emergencies. If you want to monitor the admission For more videos, 32G or larger capacity can be selected, and the performance needs to be good in earthquake resistance.
  Webcam memory card
  Network surveillance cameras use TF (micro SD) cards. Currently, most network cameras support a maximum expanded memory of 32G, and a few support 64G. You should pay attention to your own camera parameters when purchasing. In terms of capacity, if it is stored locally, generally a 32G card can store about 3 days (24 hours a day) of video.
  Surveillance cameras with high resolution will produce larger video files when recording videos, which requires larger capacity memory cards, such as 64G and 128G. If you have a 1080p or 4K security camera system, you will need to purchase a micro SD card with a capacity of 128GB or larger.
memory cards
  Digital SLR camera memory card
  Digital SLR cameras use SD cards for memory cards, while Sony mirrorless cameras also support their own MS cards. You can also purchase a TF card and add an expansion card sleeve to expand it into a standard SD card. Strictly distinguish between digital mirrorless camera memory cards. There are SD/SDHC/SDXC. The editor of maigoo recommends choosing SDHC or SDXC memory cards; since cameras are getting higher and higher in pixels, each photo only takes up a large amount of memory. It is recommended to choose 32G for the capacity, and 64G or 128G for video recording; read The write storage speed must be Class10 and above.
  PSP game console memory card
  The PSP memory card expands the memory to a TF (micro SD) card. The new PSP is equipped with an 8G high-speed red stick. When choosing a memory card, since the game memory will become larger and larger now, for future needs, the editor of maigoo recommends choosing 32G memory. capacity.
  If you are a handheld enthusiast and need to download and play different types of games at any time, choose 64G memory; in terms of performance, it is recommended to choose a memory card with program acceleration, which can speed up the running of programs and provide a better gaming experience; the PSP memory card is called a memory stick, and for the first time Please format it with PSP before use.
  Professional SLR memory card
  Professional high-end full-frame SLR cameras, cinema-level shooting uses CF cards, and Sony-specific memory sticks. CF cards are standard equipment for mid-to-high-end cameras. They are fast, reliable, durable, low-priced, and have large capacity. In terms of capacity, the editor of maigoo recommends choosing a memory of 64G or more for daily use, and 128G or more for commercial use. In terms of performance, choose U3 level, with a reading of 270MB/S and a writing of 260MB/S or more. High video performance is also required. Professional SLR memory cards have high requirements. Should support shockproof, waterproof, X-ray proof, etc.

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