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By PURPLELEC | 27 October 2023 | 0 Comments

The difference between industrial-grade solid-state drives and mechanical hard drives

  Industrial-grade solid-state drives and mechanical hard drives have different capacities and prices.
  1: Capacity
  Industrial-grade solid-state drives have small storage capacity, while mechanical hard drives have large storage capacity;
  Different principles:
  Principle of industrial-grade solid-state drive: semiconductor storage; data exists directly in flash memory particles, and the main control unit records the data storage location and data operations.
  The storage capacity of each flash memory particle is limited.
  Principle of mechanical hard disk: electromagnetic storage; mechanical hard disk writes data on the disk surface, the disk rotates, and the mechanical arm moves. It is also a more primitive way of reading and writing data, just like the sound principle of a modern gramophone.
  The prototype disk is divided into several sectors, which are divided into various concentric circles according to the distance from the center point. The area around each concentric circle is called a track;
  At the same time, the area formed after different sectors are cut by different tracks is also called a sector. For a single sector, the usual size is 512 bytes, usually the corresponding combination of 01010101 (computer understandable binary);
  At the same time, the same sectors on different disks form the hard disk cylinder.
  So corresponding to any hard drive, the capacity it can hold is:
  Number of heads × number of tracks (cylinders) × number of sectors × number of bytes per sector.
  When the disk rotates at high speed, the binary code at the corresponding position (such as 00001111××) is read, the corresponding 01 code is analyzed, and the corresponding data content is obtained.
mechanical hard drives
  2: Price
  Currently on the market, the price of industrial-grade solid-state drives with the same capacity is almost three times that of mechanical hard drives.
  The price of 500GB industrial-grade solid-state drive: 500 yuan, which is reflected in the process cost of chip manufacturing.
  500GB mechanical hard drive: 139 yuan, supported by mature gramophone writing technology.
  3. Reading speed.
  The average read and write speed of a mechanical hard disk is 60~80M per second. Due to the time limit of the turntable speed and pointer addressing, the speed often does not exceed 200M per second.
  Industrial-grade solid-state drives of different brands and models vary greatly, with an average speed of about 150-300M per second. Since it is the direct location of the flash memory particles and flash memory controller, the maximum speed can reach 500M per second.
  If you want to start quickly and need to quickly start large files and systems, you can load the main program into an industrial-grade solid-state drive.

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