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By PURPLELEC | 24 April 2024 | 0 Comments

How to use a KVM switch correctly

  A KVM switch allows system administrators to control the computer peripherals of multiple servers or computer hosts through a set of keyboards, monitors, and mice. This means that only one person can interact with all computers, but only one at a time. platform interaction. In addition to saving the cost of multiple keyboards and monitors, a switch can also free up more desktop space. KVM switches are usually used in networks and other server locations with multiple computers. In these cases, there are usually multiple computers but only one administrator or network manager. So, how to use a KVM switch correctly?
KVM switches
  一. Ana-log signal KVM switch
  1. First, connect the cables. Connect the kvm host and server with a dedicated kvm cable;
  2. Make sure the kvm host is grounded and connect the power supply according to the instructions (pay attention to the power supply voltage);
  3. Turn on the server power;
  4. Select the appropriate switching method (hot keys, buttons, OSD, etc.) according to the instructions;
  5. Now kvm switches support hot swapping, so you don’t need to consider the power startup sequence;
  KVM integrates an LED screen, an ultra-thin keyboard, and a TouchPad touch mouse board into a 1U height unit. The drawer-type installation method completely solves the problem of insufficient space.
  二. cat5 interface kvm switch
  1. Each server needs to connect a dedicated network cable directly to the kvm host for signal transmission;
  2. The kvm host is connected to the server: through the server conversion module, the server display signal and keyboard and mouse signals are transmitted to the kvm host through the network cable;
  3. Start the kvm host power supply (pay attention to the power supply voltage, and the kvm host is well grounded);
  4. Select the appropriate switching method (hot keys, buttons, OSD, etc.) according to the instructions;

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