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By PURPLELEC | 25 April 2024 | 0 Comments

KVM computer switch main functions

  As the application of KVM multi-computer switches becomes more popular, the functions required by users will tend to be more diversified and complex. KVM manufacturers are also constantly developing more innovative and intelligent functions. For information management personnel, it is very important to effectively grasp the trend of new functions and then evaluate corporate needs.
KVM multi-computer switches
  Hotkey switching: As long as it is a mid-level or above KVM, there are two switching methods: hot key (Hot Key) and OSD (On Screen Display). Switching and control are performed through a combination of special keys on the keyboard. For system managers who value operational efficiency and speed, it is a convenient and reliable design. Most types of Maxtor Vision products have hotkey switching functions, and a small number are also equipped with more convenient desktop switches.
  Intelligent processor: Mid-level and above KVMs use high-performance microprocessor emulators to manage each KVM port, so all computers connected to the KVM can be turned on at the same time, and provide automatic scanning, detection and other functions, making the use and management of KVM very convenient. In addition, the KVM's intelligent microprocessor can also record the usage status of each computer's CAPS LOCK key, NUM LOCK key, and SCROLL LOCK key. Even if the computer is hot pluggable, it can still display the computer status before disconnection after reconnection.
  Control software: Some KVMs also have sophisticated control software to monitor system hardware and sensors (such as temperature, voltage, fan, etc.), control system components (such as power supply, blade server, etc.), and record important system events (such as chassis opening, system restart and boot, etc.). Administrators can remotely manage and restore system failures.
  Multi-person synchronous control: In response to the continuous expansion of corporate computer rooms, many new KVMs can provide flexible solutions for different computer equipment and the number of administrators to achieve multi-person control.
  Power management: Power management will also become the development focus of KVM products. Using the power management function, system administrators can perform remote system shutdown functions or restart any computer or server to improve the speed and efficiency of system maintenance. Network administrators can truly stay at home and remotely control computers or servers in the computer room by relying on effective power management devices.

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