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By PURPLELEC | 29 July 2023 | 0 Comments

hub port type

  Hubs usually provide three types of ports, namely RJ-45 ports, BNC ports and AUI ports, which are suitable for connecting networks built with different types of cables. Some high-end hubs also offer fiber optic ports and other types of ports.
  (1) RJ-45 interface
  The RJ-45 interface can be used to connect the RJ-45 connector, which is suitable for the network constructed by the twisted pair. This kind of port is the most common, and generally the Ethernet hub will provide this kind of port. The number of hubs we usually talk about refers to how many RJ-45 ports it has. as the picture shows.
  The RJ-45 port of the hub can be directly connected to terminal devices such as computers and network printers, and can also be connected to other switchboards, hubs and other hub devices and routers. It should be noted that when connecting to different devices, the jumper method of the twisted pair cable used is different.
  (2) BNC port
  The BNC port is the interface used to connect with the thin coaxial cable. It is generally connected through a BNC T-type connector. The following figure shows a schematic diagram of a hub BNC port connected through a BNC-type connector.
  (3) AUI port
  The AUI port can be used to connect the AUI connector of the thick coaxial cable, so this interface is used to connect with the thick coaxial cable network. Its schematic diagram is shown in the figure. At present, there are few hubs with this interface, mainly in Available in some backbone class hubs.
  (4) Stack port
  Of course, only stackable hubs have this kind of port, and its function is just like its name, it is used to connect two stackable hubs. Generally speaking, a stackable hub has two similar-looking ports at the same time: one is marked as "UP" and the other is marked as "DOWN". When connecting, a cable is used to connect the "UP" port of one hub to the other The "DOWN" ports of a stackable hub are all "female", so the connecting wire ends must all be "male".

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