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By PURPLELEC | 08 January 2024 | 0 Comments

HDMI optical transceiver has no video signal

  HDMI optical transceiver has no video signal:
  1. Check whether the power supply to each device is normal.
  2. Check whether the video indicator light of the corresponding channel on the receiving end is on.
  A: If the indicator light is on (the light is on proves that the channel has video signal output at this time). Then check whether the video cable between the receiving end and terminal equipment such as a monitor or DVR is properly connected, and whether the video interface connection is loose or has a weak solder, etc.
  B: The video indicator light on the receiving end does not light up. Check whether the video indicator light on the corresponding channel at the front end is on. (It is recommended to power on the optical receiver again to ensure the synchronization of the video signal)
  a: The light is on (the light is on indicating that the video signal collected by the camera has been sent to the front end of the optical transceiver). Check whether the optical cable is connected and whether the optical interface of the optical transceiver and the optical cable terminal box is loose. It is recommended to re-insert and unplug the optical fiber interface (if the pigtail head is too dirty, it is recommended to clean it with cotton alcohol and wait until it is dry before inserting it).
  b: The light does not light up. Check whether the camera is working properly and whether the video cable from the camera to the front-end transmitter is connected reliably. Check whether the video interface is loose or has weak soldering, etc.
  If the above method cannot eliminate the fault and there are equipment of the same model, you can use the replacement inspection method (the equipment is required to be interchangeable), that is, connect the optical fiber to a normal receiver at the other end or replace the remote transmitter to accurately determine Faulty equipment.

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