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By PURPLELEC | 27 April 2024 | 0 Comments

Transmission distance of HDMI extender

  HDMI fiber optic extender is a transmission device used to extend the signal, solve the problem that HDMI audio and video signals cannot be transmitted over long distances, and ensure the quality of signal transmission.
  ①When the HDMI extender is directly connected through cat5/5e/6 (category 5 and 6) network cables, the transmission distance can reach 135m according to different types of delayers, and the audio and video signals are high-definition and undistorted.
  ②HDMI extenders can be cascaded with switches in the middle to achieve medium-distance transmission. The transmitter of the extender is connected to the recorder through an HDMI cable, and multiple switches are cascaded in the middle. The receiving end is connected to the display through an HDMI cable. The theoretical transmission distance can reach hundreds of meters.
  ③HDMI extenders can also use optical fiber transmission in the middle to achieve long-distance transmission, and the long-distance transmission distance can reach tens of kilometers.
HDMI fiber optic extender

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