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By PURPLELEC | 04 March 2024 | 0 Comments

Why choose an external HDMI capture card with USB3.0 interface for game live streaming?

  In game live broadcasts, external HDMI collection has become the standard configuration for notebooks for game live broadcasts. However, among the two types of capture cards, USB2.0 and USB3.0, it is obvious that the USB3.0 external HDMI capture card is more popular. Why is this?
  1. Signal transmission speed
  USB2.0: Theoretically transmits data up to 480M/s
  USB3.0: theoretical speed up to 5G/s,
  Therefore, theoretically speaking, the transmission speed of USB3.0 is more than 10 times that of USB2.0. Of course, this is only the theoretical speed of the USB interface. The actual transmission speed will be limited by other factors, but even so, the transmission speed of USB3.0 is much higher than the transmission speed of USB2.0. When collecting and transmitting the same amount of data, , USB3.0 external HDMI capture card will also be much faster than USB2.0.
HDMI capture card
  2. Collection delay
  USB2.0: The delay of the collection box is about 1 second (the delay is still quite obvious)
  USB3.0: The delay of the live broadcast box is less than 50 milliseconds (the delay is low and cannot be perceived by the human eye)
  So in the game collection live broadcast. If you use a USB3.0 external HDMI capture card to capture game images for live broadcast, you can better achieve synchronization between the actual game images and the live broadcast images.
  3. Collection resolution
  USB2.0: Currently only 1080P/30 frame video signals can be collected
  USB3.0: Currently, 1080P/60 frame video signals can be collected.
  Therefore, using the video signal collected by the USB3.0 external HDMI capture card, the displayed game screen will be clearer and the visual effect will be better.
  4. Requirements for computer configuration
  USB2.0 external HDMI capture card has relatively low computer configuration requirements
  Requires only computer memory: 2GBRAM
  USB3.0 external HDMI capture card has relatively high computer configuration requirements.
  Desktop computer processor: Intel? Core? i5-44403.10GHz or above + NVIDAGeForce? GTX660 or above
  Laptop processor: Intel? Core? i7-4810MQ or above + NVIDAGeForce? GTX870M or above
  Computer memory: at least 4GB (8GB or more recommended)

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