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By PURPLELEC | 27 November 2023 | 0 Comments

265 HD video encoder 4K video recording

  The HD encoder has the function of encoding four streams simultaneously. HDMI video sources can be encoded and compressed into network streams, and long-distance high-definition video transmission/live broadcast can be achieved on the Internet or LAN through wired networks.
  Powerful streaming media service function, not only supports RTSP/RTMP and other common protocols, but also supports security Onvif, GB28181 and other
  Customizable agreement.
  ◆ Support web browser web-side network management login encryption function
  ◆ Support HTTP/RTSP/RTMP/HLS/UDP/ONVIF/SRT/RTP/unicast/multicast and other international streaming media service protocols
  ◆ Supports four-stream output. The main stream supports video encoding up to 1080p 60FPS. The sub-stream supports video encoding 720p 60FPS. The output resolution can be customized.
  ◆ Support the establishment of a small LAN distribution system, with 5-7 display terminals for streaming playback
  ◆ Support private protocol transmission
  ◆ Compatible with streaming media servers such as Wowza/FMS/RED5, and can be used with the streaming media server to push DC to achieve live video streaming
  ➣ Provide a more reliable encrypted transmission method, with multiple encryption methods available.
  ◆ Support web browser web-side network management login encryption function
  ◆ Support RTMP upload function to add user name and password, RTSP supports opening authentication function to add user name and password encryption function
  ◆ Support P2P protocol point-to-point independent transmission
  ➣ High integration, multi-stream, local monitoring function.
  ◆ Supports 4 types of code stream output, simultaneous transmission of four different network protocols, and supports 4 types of resolution/bit rate adjustable
  ◆ Supports real-time video loop-out function, local live broadcast monitoring without delay
  ◆ Optional POE power supply module can be customized
  ◆ Support 1 channel 3.5mm independent audio capture input. Support audio gain/volume adjustment
  ➣ Strong bandwidth adaptability, stable in low-bandwidth network environments, transmitting high-definition, low-latency, and no-lag audio and video signals.
  ◆ Embedded chip and H.265/H.264 video encoding technology, combined with image enhancement technology processing, achieve low bit rate encoding to ensure high definition
  Image quality output, output resolution is adjustable
  ◆ Wider adjustable code rate, 16Kbit/s~12Mbit/s adjustable, supports code rate control CBR/VBR
  ◆ Support DHCP to automatically obtain IP (closed by default, some computer firewalls will block it)
  ◆Transmission mode supports TCP, UDP, 1000M (full duplex mode)
  ➣ Low power consumption, low heat dissipation, support 7*24 h uninterrupted operation conditions
  ◆ Low power consumption power supply design
  ◆ Support Chinese and English OSD, support OSD scrolling, picture overlay, XY axis, font can be set, support adding company logo
  ◆ Support WEB Chinese and English web page access, password change, and wide area network remote management (WEB)
  ◆ Supports one-click restoration, version upgrade and remote maintenance, and supports one-click restoration of default configuration

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