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By PURPLELEC | 12 January 2024 | 0 Comments

Experience sharing on Mac external Thunderbolt 3 hard drive system

  1: It is recommended that an imac with a thunderbolt port be used to connect an external hard drive to install the system. Although the usb port is also available, I have tried it. The hard drive with the sata port has an improvement, but not much. It is still recommended to use a thunderbolt 3 hard drive box and add an m.2 ssd. It doesn't make much sense to upgrade your Mac if it doesn't have a Thunderbolt port. Just get a new one.
  2: Use Disk Utility to wipe the SSD hard drive into APFS (GUID Partition).
  3: It is enough to buy domestically produced m.2 disks. I bought ZhiTi 7100, 5000 and Yangtze Plane Phantom. I also bought 980pro and Western Digital sn570. The last two hard disks have excessive performance and are a waste of money. There is no need. , the reading speed reaches the top 2800m/s.
  4: After setting up the system, after selecting the external disk to start, you can shut down the computer and plug it into another Mac. This is amazing. If your home and company are full of Macs, it is more convenient than bringing a laptop.
  5: The disk of the old computer will become like an external disk.
  6: This solution does not require disassembly, but it has the best support for Intel chip imacs. There are some problems with m chip macs (mac mini tests occasionally make errors in four countries)
  7: Imac has experienced four countries several times due to memory problems. I have replaced it with a new 2666 memory and it is still under testing.
  8: That is the transitional plan. We will use the old iMac for at most three years, and it is almost time to replace it. Now we are just using the residual heat for a little bit, and we can really produce M-series chips.
  9: The hard drive boxes are all similar. The basic chips and other components are all using mature solutions. Just pick a good-looking one.

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