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By PURPLELEC | 08 September 2023 | 1 Comments

What to do if the power supply of the hard disk box is insufficient

  The hdd enclosure + hard disk is a cost-effective external storage solution that can expand the storage space through the USB interface on the notebook and motherboard.
  There are many kinds of hdd enclosurees, some require external power supply, and some do not. Generally, 3.5-inch hdd enclosurees require external power supply, because the working voltage of 3.5-inch hard disk is 12 volts, and a USB port cannot provide such strong power, so It needs to be powered independently by a 12-volt power adapter.
  If it is a single-slot M2 hard drive box or a 2.5-inch mobile hard drive box, it usually does not require an external power supply, and the power provided by the USB port is sufficient.
hdd enclosure
  What are the symptoms of insufficient power supply of the hdd enclosure?
  The 3.5-inch hard disk enclosure requires an independent power supply from an external power supply. If used without a power supply, insufficient power supply may occur and the following problems may occur:
  1. The hdd enclosure is powered off abnormally and cannot work normally.
  2. The data reading and writing speed slows down and the transmission fails.
  3. Sometimes the hdd enclosure cannot be recognized by the computer and cannot be accessed.
  4. The files in the mobile hdd enclosure are abnormal and the data is lost or damaged.
  What to do if the power supply of the hdd enclosure is insufficient
  If you encounter the problem of insufficient power supply of the hdd enclosure, you can consider the following methods to deal with it:
  1. For hosts whose USB interface on the motherboard has a jumper that can change the power supply mode, you can try to change the power supply path and change the original secondary power supply +5VSB power supply to the main power supply +5V power supply to see if the ​hdd enclosure can be used normally. .
  2. For hosts whose power supply current is strictly limited, they can only be replaced with large-capacity and low-power consumption 2.5-inch hard disk enclosures, or auxiliary power supply through other USB interfaces or PS/2 interfaces, or direct power supply from an external power supply.

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