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By PURPLELEC | 21 August 2023 | 0 Comments

How to choose the interface of the expansion dock

  ①, interface type
  According to the applicable scenarios, the interface types of the expansion dock are as follows:
  Applicable interface for keyboard, mouse, U disk and other peripheral equipment: USB interface
  Interface suitable for connecting network cable: RJ45 interface
  Suitable interface for inserting TF card and SD card: TF card slot, SD card slot
  Interface suitable for fast charging: PD charging interface
  Interface suitable for external display: HDMI/DP interface
  When choosing, the first step is to figure out what kind of interface you need.
expansion dock
  ②, the number of interfaces
  The reason for choosing the number of docking ports is actually because the more ports there are, the higher the price of the product is, so just choose the right number of ports.
  If it is just a simple expansion interface to connect peripherals, you can choose several USB interface configurations; if you are a photographer, you can choose TF card and SD card according to your needs, generally 1~2 interfaces are enough; as for network cables, video and other special One interface is enough, no additional configuration is required.
  The interface configuration of which expansion dock on the market is suitable for you or your notebook, just choose it. There is no need to increase the budget that may be wasted for the interface that may be used in the future.
expansion dock
  ③, interface protocol
  The interface protocol affects the entire user experience, but its law is the same as the number of interfaces above, the better the more expensive.
  So regarding the docking station interface protocol, we also make a differentiated recommendation:
  USB interface: daily use of 3.0 can meet the demand, Thunderbolt 3 interface is not bad for money, Thunderbolt 4 for local tyrants
  RJ45 interface: The 100M network interface is enough for daily use. If the optical fiber at home is Gigabit network or if you want to realize the potential of your home network, choose Gigabit network.
  SD/TF card: nothing special to pay attention to
  HDMI interface: The price difference of this interface configuration is almost the same, both 2.0 protocol and 2.1 protocol can be selected
  DP interface: Same as above, except here are DP1.2 and DP1.4.
  For safety, choose big brands first; if you want to transfer to one that suits you and has a reasonable budget, you have to choose the appropriate number of interfaces and the corresponding interface protocol.

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