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By PURPLELEC | 30 August 2023 | 0 Comments

Which is better, the docking station or the splitter?

  1. What is the difference between a docking station and a splitter?
  When using a computer in daily life, there are often situations where there are not enough interfaces, such as earphone cables, mouse, keyboard, etc., which occupy three interfaces. , After plugging in these standard three-piece sets, the jacks are not enough. At this time, many people will buy docking stations or splitters. So what is the difference between these two products?
docking station
  Although both the docking station and the USB splitter are used to expand the computer interface, there are actually quite a few differences in function between the two. The core difference between the cable splitter and the docking station is that the cable splitter does not have a chip, but the docking station has a chip. That is to say, the data processing of the cable splitter still depends on the motherboard of the computer, while the docking station can rely on the chip for independent calculation.
  2. Which is better, the docking station or the splitter?
  The docking station can provide better performance than the splitter, including some functions that the splitter cannot achieve, such as connecting an external display, charging a laptop, etc. Its functions are more powerful than the hub, and of course the price is much more expensive than the splitter . The expansion dock in the true sense is that the module is completely independent from the computer, and some interfaces process data (decoding) completely independent of the computer, and provide more and more scarce interfaces.
  The splitter can only copy and expand the same interface. For example, our commonly used USB splitter only has multiple USB ports. He can only increase the number of USB ports, which can be used to plug in some other electronic products, but there are no other functions.
docking station
  Although the performance of the cable splitter is not as good as that of the docking station, if you do not pursue speed and multiple usage scenarios, it is only used to solve the urgent need. It is completely sufficient to connect the mouse and keyboard, so which is better, the docking station or the cable splitter? On the issue, it depends on the daily office and entertainment requirements for the use of external devices!

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