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By PURPLELEC | 14 June 2023 | 0 Comments

What is CVBS interface

  The Chinese name of CVBS is composite video broadcast signal, and the corresponding CVBS interface is composite video interface, also called AV interface or Video interface. It is also a relatively common video interface. Many audio and video products such as TV sets and DVD players have this interface.
  The CVBS interface is an interface that separates audio and video, and generally consists of three independent RCA plugs (also called lotus plugs). Generally, there are three colors of red, yellow and white for identification. Among them, the yellow mark is the Video interface, which is connected to the mixed video signal; the white mark is the left channel sound signal; the red mark is the right channel sound signal.
CVBS interface
  The use of the CVBS interface is relatively simple. For example, if a DVD is connected to a TV, you only need to connect the lotus connector with the corresponding color on the connecting line to the interface on the device, and the device is the same as above. After setting the signal source of the TV, you can watch DVD television.
  The advantage of this interface is that video and audio signals can be transmitted separately, avoiding image quality degradation caused by mixed audio and video interference.
  Therefore, this interface is widely used in the previous DVD, VCD and other fields, but because the AV interface is still a mixed video signal of luminance/chroma (y/c) in the transmission of video signals, and this kind of first mixed in the separated The process will also inevitably cause the loss of color signals, which still has some impact on the output image quality in the final imaging. Therefore, this interface cannot currently be used in some occasions where the visual limit is pursued.

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