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By PURPLELEC | 27 February 2024 | 0 Comments

PCIE six-channel streaming audio and video capture card

  The six-channel capture card is implemented using the audio and video decoder + FPGA + DDR2 method. The image algorithm is integrated into the FPGA to process the image, which successfully solves various problems existing in the ASIC solution and has the following characteristics:
  · Good picture quality: Using 4x oversampling AD converter with 10-bit sampling accuracy, 5-line adaptive comb filter and other technologies to ensure rich picture details, high signal-to-noise ratio, and minimize the appearance of color fringing . At the same time, the 5-Tap scaling and motion adaptive de-interlacing technology implemented in the FPGA further ensures image quality.
  · Good sound quality: Using 96KHz sampling rate, 24bit sampling accuracy AD converter, the measured signal-to-noise ratio is above 90db.
  · Small size: It complies with the Low-Profile interface card standard and is only 123mmx69mm in size. It can be easily inserted into a 2U chassis.
  · Full compatibility: Compatible with DirectShow/DirectSound API under Windows and V4L2/ALSA API under Linux, and compatible with a large number of existing audio and video processing software.
  · High performance: Image processing such as scaling and deinterlacing that consume CPU time is completed in the FPGA, which greatly reduces the burden on the CPU. At the same time, the high-efficiency DMA transmission method further liberates the CPU's capabilities, allowing the CPU to focus on user-specified tasks. work.
  · Easy to upgrade: Unlike ASIC, the flexibility of FPGA greatly protects the value of users’ assets. We continue to provide users with more functions and better services through Firmware/Driver upgrades.
capture card

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