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By PURPLELEC | 01 November 2023 | 0 Comments

How to reduce BGA SSD usage costs

  How to reduce the cost of using BGA SSD is very important.
  The most important step in reducing usage costs is to make full use of BGA SSD, both in terms of capacity and performance. However, for now, most NVMe disks are directly plugged into application servers. This method can easily cause a lot of waste of capacity and performance, because only applications on this server can use it. According to research, using this DAS (DirectAttachedStorage, direct-attached storage) method, the utilization rate of BGA SSD is about 15%-25%.
  A better solution to this problem is the "decoupling" architecture that has been widely accepted on the market in recent years. After decoupling, all NVMe disks are turned into a large storage resource pool. Application servers can use as many as they need. As long as the total number is controlled enough, the utilization can be easily pushed to 80%.
  In addition, because resources are pooled, more means and methods can be used to reduce costs, such as compression. For example, an average application data compression ratio of 2:1 is equivalent to doubling the available capacity and halving the price per GB. Of course, compression itself will also bring some problems. For example, compression itself is relatively CPU-intensive. In addition, the performance of many storage solutions will be greatly reduced after compression is turned on.
  For compression problems, NVMe/TCP cluster storage solutions can be solved through storage accelerator cards. The card can achieve 100Gb line-speed compression capability without consuming CPU or increasing latency.
  With such a solution, compression functionality comes at almost no additional cost. In addition, as mentioned before when introducing improved durability, the Lightbits solution can increase the service life and support the use of QLC disks. From the perspective of the entire use cycle, the cost of use will also be greatly reduced.
  Generally speaking, through decoupling to improve usage efficiency, compression to increase available capacity, optimization to increase service life or enabling QLC, through such multiple improvements, the cost of using BGA SSD can be greatly controlled.

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