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By PURPLELEC | 30 October 2023 | 0 Comments

What is the packaging process of BGA SSD?

  The full name of BGA is ballgridaray or ball grid array package. Once the BGA SSD is packaged, it is impossible for ordinary players to disassemble and replace it in the normal way unless they use professional equipment. However, because it is completed in one go, the BGA SSD can be made shorter and smaller.
  At the same time, due to problems with the packaging process, if the contacts of the BGA SSD are misaligned or combined during the packaging process, it is likely to mean scrap, so the yield is low.
  BGA SSD packaging process:
  The emergence of BGA technology has become the best choice for high-density, high-performance, and multi-pin packaging. However, BGA packaging occupies a large area of the substrate. Although this technology has an increased number of I/O pins, the distance between pins is much greater than QFP, which improves assembly yield. In addition, the technology uses controlled collapse chip welding, which improves its electrothermal performance.
  In addition, the assembly of this technology can use co-planar welding, which can greatly improve the reliability of packaging; and the packaging CPU signal transmission delay achieved by this technology is small, which can greatly increase the adaptation frequency.
  In order to meet the development requirements of high-speed, high-performance, high-lead, high-reliability, low-power consumption, small size, low-cost, thinner, smaller, and lighter electronic packaging products, the next generation of BGA packaging technology has emerged, such as Carriers slightly larger than IC (SLICC), reverse soldering BGA (FCBGA), BGA based on TAB technology (metal TCP, S-FPAC, high-density QFP), etc.
  Using BGA technology to package an SSD can increase the memory capacity of the SSD by two to three times. Compared with TSOP, BGA is smaller and has better heat dissipation and electrical performance. BGA packaging technology greatly increases the storage capacity per square inch of SSD. With the same capacity, the volume of BGA SSD is only one-third that of TSOPSSD; in addition, compared with traditional TSOPSD, BGA SSD has a faster and more effective heat dissipation method.
  The advantage of BGA SSD is that although the number of I/O pins has increased, the pin spacing has not decreased, but has increased, thereby improving the assembly yield; although the power consumption has increased, BGA can be soldered by controlled collapse chip , thereby improving its electrothermal performance; the thickness and weight are reduced compared with previous packaging technologies; the parasitic parameters are reduced, the signal transmission delay is small, and the frequency of use is greatly increased; coplanar welding can be used for assembly, with high reliability.

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