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By PURPLELEC | 27 October 2023 | 0 Comments

Advantages of industrial-grade solid-state drives

  Industrial-grade solid-state drive, referred to as industrial-grade SSD, is an array storage device mainly composed of multiple flash memory chips, main control and cache. Solid-state disk is another new type of hard disk after mechanical hard disk, which solves the performance bottleneck of mechanical hard disk and other problems.
industrial-grade SSD
  Advantages of industrial-grade solid-state drives:
  1. Reading and writing speed.
  Industrial-grade solid-state drives were created to solve the performance bottleneck of traditional mechanical hard drives. Traditional hard disks rely on a motor to rotate the disk to read the head, which needs to find the position, while solid-state disks are stored in flash memory chips, and there is no suspense about the read and write speed. The speed of mechanical hard disk is about 120MB/SSATA protocol, the speed of solid-state disk is about 500M/SNVME protocol (PCie3.0x2), the speed of solid-state disk is about 1800MB/SNVME protocol (PCie3.0x4).
  2. Shockproof and anti-fall.
  There are many micro-mechanical parts in mechanical hard drives, which are easily damaged after impact. Solid-state drives are composed of flash memory particles and have no mechanical parts inside, improving their shock resistance.
  3. Power consumption:
  The power consumption of industrial-grade solid-state drives is lower than that of mechanical hard drives. The 3.5-inch mechanical hard drive consumes about 12W at full speed, while the 2.5-inch hard drive only consumes 5W. The power consumption of industrial-grade solid-state drives at full speed is about 10W, the operating power is generally 2-3W, and the standby power is about 1W.
  4. Weight: Industrial-grade solid-state drives are lighter.
  5. Noise: Industrial-grade solid-state drives are composed of flash memory chips, have no mechanical motors and fans, and run more quietly.
  6. Heating: Solid-state components determine that it is lower than mechanical hard drives.

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