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By PURPLELEC | 29 November 2023 | 0 Comments

ROG 65W charging dock supports 4K60Hz video expansion

  The ROG 65W charging dock has three different types of interfaces: HDMI 2.0, USB-C, and USB-A. The HDMI2.0 port seamlessly connects to almost all modern TVs, monitors and portable screens. It supports up to 4K 60Hz video output and high-fidelity data transmission. It can connect to a large screen and charge the device at the same time. The fighting spirit is uninterrupted, and you can experience shocking visual effects. The handheld device becomes a host computer. , playing more enjoyable. The USB-A port can support ROG Advent series headsets, USB flash drives, keyboards, mice, controllers and other devices, maximizing scalability in one step, improving combat efficiency and accelerating victory. USB-C is compatible with devices from multiple product lines such as ROG handheld consoles, gaming phones, tablets, and notebooks, and its scalability is better than traditional chargers.
65W charging dock
  When players use devices with full-featured interfaces such as ROG handheld consoles and ROG gaming phones, the 65W USB-C flash charging interface of the ROG charging dock can charge the device, and the device can reach full power quickly. During dual-port charging, the USB-A port provides 5W power, which can charge two working devices at the same time. The energy is always fully charged, stimulating super combat power.
  Charging technology supports PPS and joins ASUS VID, supporting Hyper Charge charging. For ROG handheld players, the charging dock can also help turn on the 30W enhanced mode. Even when a USB-A device or HDMI data cable is connected, the power provided is not compromised at all, allowing the ROG handheld to always perform at a high level. And there is enough EMI margin to ensure that product quality meets certification standards and reduce the impact of electromagnetic interference on the gaming experience.
  The ROG charging dock is equipped with 1 HDMI 2.0 port, 1 USB 2.0 port and 1 USB-C port. It integrates fast charging, data transmission and display output and other functions into one. It is specially designed for players’ beloved ROG handheld console and is fully loaded Energy, fierce battle on the big screen ignites entertainment experience! The ROG charging dock can be connected to a monitor and supports HDMI 2.0 1080P/120Hz or 4K/60Hz video transmission, using a large screen to ignite the entertainment experience; it can also be connected to an external controller, keyboard and mouse for more diverse gameplay; the USB-C port supports 65W/PD3.0 Fast charging, you can turn on the ROG handheld 30W enhanced mode, equipped with 2m braided wire and dual C ports, for an excellent experience.

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