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AVerMedia GC311 video capture card review

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Update time : 2023-10-16 11:19:24
  The AVerMedia GC311 video capture card is indeed quite compact, with dimensions of 100 x 57 x 18.8 mm. It is much smaller than the iPhone’s small-screen smartphones, and it weighs only 74.5g. You can carry it with you in your trouser pocket. Walking is no problem.
  There are three slots on the capture card, which are an HDMI input interface, an HDMI output interface and a micro USB interface. However, unlike mid-to-high-end video capture cards, the GC311 video capture card only comes with a micro USB data cable in the package and does not come with an HDMI cable. You need to prepare an additional HDMI data cable.
  As an external video capture card, the installation process of GC311 is quite convenient. Connect the host responsible for capturing video to the HDMI output interface, connect the game console to the HDMI input interface, and connect the GC311 to the host capturing video through the micro USB interface. When the indicator light of GC311 lights up, you're done. Even if you want to use someone else's computer to record or broadcast live broadcasts and videos, you don't need to install a driver. The usefulness of the HDMI output function is that it can support simultaneous loop out to a second screen as the main viewing screen when playing games, which is what we call zero loop out delay.
  The live broadcast or recording software used by GC311 is the 4th generation RECentral, which can be installed after downloading the installation program from AVerMedia’s official website. The overall interface of the software is basically similar to the previous GC573 evaluation content, but in the recording settings of the software, the best image quality has become an option of 1080p60 frames. This shows that GC311 is a video capture card that supports up to 1080p60 frame loop out, and the shortcut key setting function for video recording also exists.
  The fourth generation of RECentral live broadcast software has been optimized and improved in performance aspects such as scene arrangement, mixing and multi-signal mode, and has greatly reduced CPU usage. The live broadcast picture is very smooth, and it also supports simultaneous live broadcast on multiple different platforms.
  In addition, if the anchor uses third-party live broadcast software, you can also use this video capture card. You only need to download the plug-in called Stream Engine to record the game screen simultaneously while live broadcasting, and the recording does not occupy the computer CPU. Valuable resources, but it should be noted that the Stream Engine plug-in is specially designed for use by third-party live broadcast software. When using RECentral live broadcast software to record live broadcasts in a single mode, recording video will not increase the CPU load. Usage rate.