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How to solve the frame loss problem of video capture card

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Update time : 2023-09-14 10:07:46
  When the video capture card loses frames, we should first make sure whether the digital images you produce have frame drops, because sometimes the discontinuity in the images may be caused by other reasons, such as the laser of the playback device. Dyslexia caused by aging of the head, etc.
  Most image processing software will display a frame loss prompt on the status bar when capturing video. If the value of the frame loss prompt displayed is 0, then there is no frame loss problem in the actual captured image. If the value is not 0, it means that there is frame loss, then you need to take the following measures to solve it.
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  1. Strategy 1: Solve machine compatibility
  Nowadays, the price of machines on the market is getting cheaper and cheaper, but the compatibility has not improved. System conflicts of one kind or another will occur during operation. Therefore, a computer with good compatibility can also significantly reduce the occurrence of frame loss. This requires you to know a lot about computers and be able to find out where conflicts occur. For example, sometimes the 1394 card used for video capture may share an IRQ number with other devices, causing mutual interference, which may eventually lead to When the frame loss phenomenon occurs, you should perform manual adjustment and assign an IRQ number to the 1394 card separately, so that the frame loss problem can be solved.
  2. Strategy 2: Optimize the hard drive
  From a performance perspective, the CPU of current mainstream computers is more than enough to cope with post-production image production. The main cause of frame loss is the hard disk. Almost all current hard drives are DMA33 or above, and all have a continuous writing speed of not less than 6MB/S. For video collection and compression, it is best to use a hard drive with a speed of 7200 rpm or even higher, which is very beneficial to the collection. , if you are using a hard drive with a speed below 5400 rpm, you may often encounter the problem of frame loss during the digital video production process.
  Pay attention to defragmenting the hard drive regularly, especially before post-production begins. It is best to conduct a comprehensive disk error scan and defragmentation of the hard drive. However, many friends neglect to defragment the hard drive regularly because they think it is a waste of time. This results in an unreasonable file storage structure of the hard disk, so frame loss often occurs. In order to solve the problem of frame loss, you need to perform regular hard disk optimization and maintenance, which will greatly reduce your frame loss.
  Regarding the hard disk partition, it is best to choose a larger hard disk partition as the file storage disk. If possible, it is best to use a separate hard disk for video collection. If the situation does not allow it, it is also best to use a special partition for video collection.
  As for the hard disk partition format, it is recommended to use NTFS format. This is because of the limitations of the FAT32 file system. The maximum single file cannot exceed 4GB. Transmitting a 60-minute digital video tape will occupy about 11-13G of hard disk space, which greatly exceeds the 4GB limit. Therefore, the NTFS format partition will Make your video collection "unobstructed" and effectively reduce the occurrence of frame loss.
  3. Strategy 3: Don’t do multiple tasks at the same time
  Since video collection is a task that takes up a lot of system resources, it is best not to operate other software when performing video collection. It is not advisable to perform video production while listening to MP3. At the same time, we should close it as much as possible. For background programs such as firewalls, you can check which background programs are running by pressing the Ctrl+Alt+Del keys at the same time, and then close unnecessary background programs. This can make those software running in the background It does not cause additional interference to the collection process, thus effectively avoiding the occurrence of frame loss.
  4. Strategy 4: Use a new digital camera tape
  If the quality of the digital video tape you use is poor or has been used many times, the magnetic particles on the tape will inevitably fall off in trace amounts, which may cause the loss of the video signal, and the final result will also cause loss of video. Frame phenomenon occurs. In fact, this kind of frame loss phenomenon can usually be seen when shooting, but there are also a few careless friends who directly capture without looking at the shooting results, which leads to the occurrence of "waste effort". We can replace it with better quality digital cameras. A camera tape can easily solve this problem.
  5. Strategy five: Optimize the operating system
  As for the video capture operating system, it is recommended to use Windows 2000/XP system and DirectX8.0 or above program version, because these operating systems exceed Windows 98 system in terms of compatibility, running speed, etc., and will be effective during collection. Reduce the occurrence of frame loss.
  If you are using the Windows 98/98SE operating system, since the system default is to turn off the DMA option, you need to turn on the DMA of the hard disk. Otherwise, the reading and writing of the hard disk will take up a lot of CPU usage, so that the CPU does not have enough ability to process the video. The information is encoded, resulting in frame loss. We can select Device Manager->Disk Drive->GENERAL IDE DISK TYPE46->Properties->Settings->DMA, tick the previous box, then restart the computer, and try to collect again, it may be reduced. Lots of dropped frames.
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